Posted by: keanlibrary | December 4, 2008

Challenge a Kean University Librarian

Hi there!

dashing This is librarian Craig Anderson with a new challenge for the Kean University Community.

Librarians are supposed to be pretty smart, right? I’m no genius, but I am fairly confident in my ability to answer trivia questions. That’s why I’ve set up a daily trivia game at this website:

Questions are based on general knowledge, and get progressively more difficult during the week. Monday questions are pretty simple, Wednesday questions are average, and Friday questions are really tough. Saturdays and Sundays are a mixed bag. The game is run by, so I don’t get to see any questions in advance.

There are no prizes for this, and I have no control over anything at the FunTrivia site. This is just for fun. Answer the daily trivia, and see how you rank against user: Kean Librarian. (that’s me)

Good luck, and have fun. 🙂

— Craig Anderson
Nancy Thompson Library
LibraryGuy on Twitter
Draconius Merlin on Second Life


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