Posted by: keanlibrary | September 2, 2009

New at the Nancy Thompson Library! Research Guides!

Hi there!


This is Craig Anderson again, one of the many helpful and enthusiastic librarians at the Nancy Thompson Library here at Kean.  Welcome back, everybody!

For those of you keeping a sharp eye on the Kean Library homepage, you may have noticed a new button available down on “main street”, right between “Periodicals” and “Ask a Librarian”.   This new feature on our homepage is the link to your official Library Research Guides.

It looks like this …

These Research Guides can help you to find the necessary resources to find scholarly information in your major area of study.  They are each compiled by professional librarians working here at Kean University, and are arranged according to subject heading.  From the Research Guides homepage, simply choose a subject area and go to that guide.  This is what you will see:


The Kean Library Research Guides have tabs along the top of each guide to help you find books, articles, web sites, and more, based on each subject heading.  The left column will often have useful information about each subject heading, or even some basic guidelines for library research.   If you look over to the right column of the guide, there will be a profile and contact information provided by the librarian who has worked on this particular guide.  You can use this info to contact the librarian if you have additional questions.  Some guides also contain a chat widget that you can use to chat in real time with a Kean University Librarian.

As the school year progresses, the librarians will be including more and more Research Guides for other subject areas.  If you do not see your major represented on the Research Guides home page, don’t worry, it will be up there soon! 🙂

We librarians have a lot of great ideas for Research Guides, and are working on more of them each day.  But we won’t be working on them alone!  Each panel of the Kean Library Research Guides comes equipped with a “comments” field that you can use to submit your own suggestions and comments about the guide.  If you happen to know a great resource that you think should be on the guide for your subject area, feel free to suggest it! If you notice an error or typo on the page, send us a note.  These research guides are for you and your fellow students, so please contribute to the ongoing discussion on each guide.

We hope that you’ll be as excited about these new Library Research Guides as we are*.  So please check them out, and let us know what you think.  We also look forward to seeing your smiling faces in the Nancy Thompson Library, so don’t be afraid to drop in and say Hi! 😀

* We are pretty geeky that way … 😉


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