Posted by: keanlibrary | October 19, 2009

… because photocopying is just SO last century …

Hi there!

The Nancy Thompson Library just acquired a new toy this week!  We’re demonstrating the new Book2net scanning kiosk in the main lobby of the library.  This new device will allow library patrons to scan pages of a book for free and to save this information to a portable flash drive.


Being able to scan books, periodicals, and other documents is a part of the Kean Blue goes Green initiative, which seeks to use sustainable technologies to cut down on environmental waste.  By allowing library patrons to save materials to a portable flash drive, the university reduces the amount of paper being used by our photocopiers.  The scanner is also an improvement over the photocopy machines in that it saves the pages in full-color, and allows for easy storage and transportation of the information.  Furthermore, the scanner comes with instructions in 7 languages, so it’s very intuitive and easy to use.  Just a librarian or library staff member to help you with the device.

Please note that this device is currently being loaned to the library on a trial basis.  If enough people like this new device however, we may be able to purchase one as a more permanent fixture.  So please feel free to visit the Nancy Thompson Library and try out this new library book scanner.  If you like the device, be sure to fill out one of the survey forms on the table.

We hope that you enjoy using this new device and taking the opportunity to enhance Kean University’s environmentally friendly profile.  The Book2net scanner is definitely worth a test drive.  It’s actually kind of fun. 🙂



  1. is this feature still available? I think it’s a great idea, and I didn’t get a chance to use it when it was available in the University Center, but I definitely would like to use it now, with Finals upon us.

  2. Hi there!

    This is Craig Anderson at the Kean University Library (the guy in the hat). I had just responded to you by e-mail, but I’ve finally figured out why WordPress was acting wonky, so I thought I’d reply here as well.

    Sorry, but no, the Book2Net scanning kiosk is no longer available. We only had it on a trial basis and it’s not known at this time if we’ll purchase this machine in the future.

    Thank you for your comment, though. I promise that if we do get this equipment in the future, I’ll let you know. 🙂

    — Craig
    Libraaryguy (twitter)

  3. Our library is looking at implementing self service book scanning. I was wondering what you thought of the device you tested and how expensive is it to purchase.


    • Hi there!

      Personally? I thought it was very intuitive and fun to use. The screen interface allows you to zoom in on the book image before you decide to save it, and I’m pretty sure that it saves it as a fairly large image. (with a very high megapixel count) You also have the option of saving it as a .pdf, .tiff or .gif file. I’m not sure about the price, though, I’d have to ask the University Librarian about that. But it is a great device. I do hope we get it back.

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